Methuen History

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Civil War Rosters: N-R

The following is a list of men with a connection to Methuen who served in the Civil War.

(Underlined names will bring you to a photo of the veteran)

Newell, Edward G.- Company F, 11th Maine Infantry

Nichols, Lysander-5th Battery, 1st Battalion Maine Light Artillery

Nolan, Thomas-Company E, 48th Mass Infantry, Company C, 1st Battalion Mass Heavy Artillery

Nownes, William– Company H, 1st New Hampshire Infantry

Nudd, David P.-Company D, 6th Mass Infantry

O’Brien, Patrick- Company B, 1st Mass Heavy Artillery

O’Connor, Patrick-Company H, 2nd Mass Heavy Artillery, Company G, 17th Mass Infantry

O’Connor, Thomas- US Navy, USS Hartford

O’Shea, Michael- Company C, 50th Mass Infantry

Palmer, Daniel- Company F, 1st Mass Heavy Artillery

Palmer, Henry- Company B, 1st Mass Heavy Artillery

Palmer, James M.– Company I, 26th MAss Infantry, Company B, 26th MAss Infantry

Palmer, Luther J.- Company B, 2nd Mass Cavalry

Palmer, William A.– US Navy, USS Ohio, USS Honduras, USS Vermont, USS Port Royal

Palmer, William H.-Company I, 59th Mass Infantry, Company I, 57th Mass Infantry

Park, Daniel P.- 

Parker, George W.-Company D, 24th Mass Infantry, Company L, 2nd Mass Heavy Artillery

Paye, George Edward Company K, 193rd New York Infantry

Pecker, George W.-

Peirce, James US Navy, USS Marion

Percival, Thomas- Company B, 1st Mass Heavy Artillery

Perkins, Rollin- Company K, 6th Mass Infantry, Company B, 6th Mass Infantry, 24th US Colored Troops

Perry, Kimball- Company K, 18th Mass Infantry

Perry, Thomas A.- Company I, 26th Mass Infantry, Company B, 26th Mass Infantry

Petter, Charles T.-

Pierce, Darius Company F, 17th Mass Infantry

Pingree, Charles G– Company D, 3rd Battalion Mass Rifles (Militia), Company G, 39th Mass Infantry

Plummer, George W.- Company F, ist Mass Heavy Artillery

Poland, Thomas– Company B, 1st Mass Heavy Artillery

Pomfret, James- Unassigned, 30th Mass Infantry

Pomroy, William-Company C, 50th Mass Infantry

Poor, Sidney-  Company B, 1st Mass Heavy Artillery, 8th US Veteran Volunteer Infantry

Porter, Charles- 1st Mass Light Artillery, 9th Mass Light Artillery

Prescott, Henry O.– Company M, 2nd Mass Heavy Artillery

Priest, Johnson- Company L, 1st Mass Heavy Artillery

Putnam, Hezekiah Lafayette- 8th Unattached Company Mass Militia

Putnam, Jeremiah R.- Company B, 1st Mass Heavy Artillery

Putnam, John Chadwick- Company B, 1st Mass Heavy Artillery

Rand, Albert G.– Company K, 1st Mass Heavy Artillery

Rand, George A.-

Randall, Charles- Company C, 50th Mass Infantry, Company A, 4th Mass Cavalry

Randall, John- Comapny C, 50th Mass Infantry

Ranger, William F.- Company B, 1st Mass Heavy Artillery

Reed, George R. Company I, 18th Mass Infantry

Reed, James E.- US Navy, USS Ohio, USS Itasca, USS Genesee

Reynolds, Henry J.-Company B, 1st Mass Heavy Artillery

Richardson, Charles A.– Company K, 5th Maine Infantry

Richardson, Henry C.- Company B, 1st Mass Heavy Artillery, Company C, US Veteran Volunteers

Richardson, Horace A.– Company D, 50th Mass Infantry

Richardson, I. Milton– Company C, 40th Mass Infantry

Ridley, John F.– Company B, 3rd Mass Cavalry, Signal Corps

Roach, Thomas-Company H, 30th Mass Infantry 

Robert, Leon- 30th Mass Infantry

Robie, Alonzo Company L, 2nd Mass Heavy Artillery

Ropes, Charles Albert- Company C, 43rd Mass Infantry. Company C, 42nd Mass Infantry

Ross, Edwin J.- Company C, 1st New Hampshire Infantry

Roubert, Moses G.-

Rowe, Benjamin F.- Company B, 1st Mass Heavy Artillery

Rowell, William Richardson– 3rd Battery Vermont Light Artillery

Rumwall, George N.-

Rumwall, William F.-

Russell, John Bunyan Abbott- Company H, 1st Mass Heavy Artillery

Russell, John H.- Company C, 5th Mass Infantry (100 days)

Ryan, Matthew- Company C, 2nd Mass Heavy Artillery




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