Methuen History

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Revolutionary War Rosters

Whareas milartrary Exercise hath been much nelicked We the Subcrbers being the first comptrey in Methuen Do Covenant and Engage To from our sevels in to a Bodey in order to Larn the manual Exercise To be Subegat To Such officers as the Comptrey shall chuse by Voat in all constutenel marsher according to our Chattaers. 

Methuen ye 6th of octr 1774.


James Jones,

Ichabod Perkins,

James Wilson,

Timothy Eaton,

Ebenezer Colton,

Thomas Runnels,

Henry Morss,       

Samuel Messer,

Daniel Messer,

Nathl Haseltine,

Richard Hall,

Samuel Parker,

Stephen Webster, Jr,

Jacob Messer,

Daniel R. Whittier,

Samuel Webber,

Jacob Hall,

Amos Gage,

John Cross,

Nathan Russ,

Richard Jaques,

Silas Brown,

William Whittier,

John Marsten, Jr,

Nathaniel Smith Messer,

James Silver, Jun,

Abiel How, 

Timothy Emerson,

Joshua Emerson, Jr.,

Robert Hastings,

James Chase,


Joseph Hastings,



Kimball Carlton

Richard Currier,

Ebenezer Eaton,

Simeon Hasttins,

John How, Jr.,

Farnum Hall,

Ephraim Clark,       

William Runels,

Asa Currier,

Nathaniel Messer,

Ebenezer Messer,

Nathan Perley,

John Keley

Asa Messer,

John Eaton,

John Davison,

William Stevens,

Simeon Cross,

Francis Swan, Junr,

James Davison,

Jacob How,

Elijah Carlton,

Joseph How,

Jonathan How,

Asa Morss,

Oliver Emerson,

Timothy How, 

Isaac Barker,

Nath Clark,

John Merrill,

Abiel Cross, 

Theodore Emerson


the ferst Compyney in Methuen meat att Mr. Ebeh Carlton’sin order To Chuse officers, and thay chose Lieut. Benj’m Hall moderator. they Chose Mr. James Jones for thar Capt. Mr. Ichobied Perkins furst Lent. Mr. James Wilson Sonent Lent. Mr. Sam L. Messer Ens. Mr. Nath ll. Messer Jr. Clark for said Compyney.

Clark for sd. Metten


methuen ye 6 of Octor 1774.

“Capt. John Davis’ Company, in Col. Frye’s Regt. enlisted Feb. 14th, 1775 ” :

Capt., John Davis

1st Lieut., Nath’l Herrick

2d ” Eliphalet Bodwell,

Sergt., Eleazer Carleton,

”         Richard Hall,

”         Francis Swan,

”         Jona. Barker,

Corp’l, Jonathan Baxter, 

”         William Stevens,

”         John Davison,

”         Joshua Emerson,

Amos Harramon,

Daniel Morse,

James Ordway,

Ebenezer Herrick,

 Daniel Messer,

Nathan Russ,

James Ingalls,

James Davison,

Amos Gage, drummer,

Joseph Morse,

Dudley Noyes,

James Campbell,

Silas Brown,

Enos Kings,

Asa Morse,

Eben’r Pingrief,

Simeon Tyler,    

Joseph Jackson,    

Aaron Noyes,    

Parker Bodwell,    

Solomon Jennings,    

Joshua Bodwell,    

Dudley Bailey,    

James Silver,    

Joseph Hibbard    

Prince Johnnot,     

Daniel Jennings,     

Wm. Whitcher

Nathan Swan,     

Peter Barker,     

Peter Webster,     

John Swan,    

Daniel Bailey,     

Thomas Bace,     

Jeremiah Stevens    

Ebenezer Sargent,     

John Merrill,     

Samuel Barker, Fifer. 

This muster roll made for seven days from April 19th.
                                                Sworn to. JOHN DAVIS.  49

“Muster roll of the following number or party of men that belonged to Methuen, in the County of Essex, on the alarm on the 19th of April, 1775, and never joined to any particular commanding officer”:

Capt., James Mallon

Abner Morrill

Isaac Austin

Isaac Austin, Jr

Benj. Herrick

Peter Harris

Joseph Griffin

Francis Richardson 

Elisha Parker 

John Parker, Jr 

Isaac Hughs

Timothy Chellis,

———Bodwell, 3rd, 

———-Austin, Jr.

————Parker, Jr.,

Obadiah Morse,
Wm Russ, Jr.,
William McCleary
Hezekiah Parker

Jessie Barker

Moses Morse
James Dennis


The pay roll of the company under the command of Major Samuel Bodwell, exhibited in consequence of the alarm on the 19th of April”:

1st Lieut., David Whittier

2d ” Nath. Pettengill
Ensign, Enoch Merrill

Clerk, John Hughs

Sergt., John Mansur

Wm. Gutterson
Nath’I Pettengill

Thomas Pettengill

Dudley Pettengill,

Daniel Tyler

John Pettengill, Jr

John Bodwell

Parker Richardson

Thos. Dow

Wm. Bodwell

Wm. Morse

John Barker   

Samuel Cole

Samuel Hughs

John Pettengill

John Webber

Benj. Mastin,

Elijah Sargent,

 Joshua Stevens,

John Whittier, Jr.,

Abel Merrill,

Joseph Morrill,

John Richardson,
Wm. Richardson,
Nath’I Hibbard,

James Hibbard,
Bodwell Ladd,
John Ladd,

Stephen Barker,
Mitchell Davis,

Eben’r Barker,
Nehemiah Barker,

Sam’l Richardson,
Enoch Cheney,

Simeon Dow,    

Jona. Barker, Jr.,
Benj. Stevens, J.,

John Hibbard, Jr.,
Wm. Hibbard



“Capt. James Jones’ pay roll for the campaign on the defence of the country at the battle at Concord, made at the rate of 28 days per month, 4 days’ service “:

Capt., James Jones

Lieut., Ichabod Perkins

”      Nathan Perley

“     Ephraim Clark

”     Jacob Messer

Sergt., Timothy Eaton

Corp., Nath’l Haseltine

”     Elijah Carleton

”     Simeon Cross

Drummer, John Kelly

Abiel Cross

William Page

Moses Sargent

 James Fry

Thomas Herrick

Joseph Granger

IIsaac Barker

Day Emerson,

Joseph Perkins

Jona. How

Nath’l S. Clark

John Tippets, 3d

Oliver Emerson

James Messer

Henry Mors

Stephen Webster, Jr.,

Elisha Perkins

Job Pingrey

Joseph Cross

Asa Cross

John Morris

Kimball Carleton.



In the Company of Capt. Charles Furbush

Theodore Emerson,

Isaac Maloon,

Jos. Pettengill,

Abraham P. Silver,

James Silver,

John Hancock,

Nehemiah Kidah,

Daniel Pettengill.



                            Total 156

Cambridge, Oct, 5, 1775.


“Return of the men’s names, when they enlisted, and where they belonged. Belonging to Capt. John Davis’ Company. in Col. Frye’s Regiment:

Capt., John Davis,

1st Lieut., Nath’l Herrick

2d ” Eliphalet Bodwell,

Major Jonathan Barker,

Serg., Ebenezer Carleton

”         Richard Hall

”         Francis Swan

”         Peter Barker

Corp., Jonathan Baxter,

”         William Stevens

”         Joshua Emerson

”         John Davison,

Abraham Anness

John Asten

Silas Brown

Parker Bodwell

David Bailey

Dudley Bailey, 

Timothy Chellis

David Corliss

James Ordway

Samuel Parker

Thomas Pace

Nathan Russ,

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John Swan,

Nathan Swan,

Jeremiah Stevens,

James Silver,

Simeon Tyler,

Amos Gage, Drummer,

Samuel Barker, Fifer,

James Campbell,

James Davison,

Mitchel Davis,

Amos Harriman,

Lazarus Hubbard,

Ebenezer Herrick,  Died June 17.

Joseph Hibbard,  Died June 20.-

James Ingalls,  Died July 8.

Dudley Noyes,

Aaron Noyes,

Peter Webster,

James Woodbury,

Ebenezer Sargent,

Ebenezer Pingrief,

Joshua Bodwell,  In train June 17.

Solomon Jennings,  In train June, 17.