Methuen History

Civil War Rosters: C-D

The following is a list of men with a connection to Methuen who served in the Civil War.

(Underlined names will bring you to a photo of the veteran)

Cairns, John USS North Carolina, USS Mt Vernon

Campton, Silas-US Infantry

Canby, John- Company C, 33rd Mass Infantry

Carleton, Charles Phieas- Company B, 1st Mass Heavy Artillery

Carleton, Charles W.- Company H, 32nd Mass Infantry

Carelton, Edward W.- Company I, 6th Mass Militia (3 months), Company C, 40th Mass Infantry

Carleton, Edward P.- 41st Mass Infantry

Carleton, Frank C.- Company K, 6th Mass Infantry

Carleton, Henry W.- Company C, 50th Mass Infantry, Company L, 2nd Mass Heavy Artillery, 

Carleton, Leverett- US Marines, USS Iroquois, USS Macdonia, USS Massachusetts

Carleton, Thomas-

Carleton, Willard L- Company K, 6th Mass Infantry (100 days)

Carleton, William F.- Company I, 6th Mass Militia (3 Month)

Carleton, William H.- Company F, 6th Mass Militia (3 months)

Carpenter, James Robinson- Company A, 43rd Mass Infantry, Company F, 2nd Mass Heavy Artillery

Carver, Fred L.- Fifer, 14th Maine Infantry

Cassidy, Peter- Company E, 59th Mass Infantry

Cassidy, Thomas- Company D & Company I, 28th Mass Infantry

Chadwick, Isaac- Company E, 3rd Mass Infantry

Chadwick, Levi W.- Company E, 7th Maine Infantry

Chamberlin, George W.- Company B, 7th New Hampshire

Chandler, William A.- Company D, 6th Mass Infantry, Company D, 2nd MAss Heavy Artillery

Charlesworth, Emmanuel- Company C, 50th Mass Infantry

Christy, John- Company A, 2nd Mass Cavalry, Company A, 4th Mass Cavalry

Clark, Aaron Sawyer- Company H, 1st Mass Heavy Artillery 

Clark, Charles E- Company K, 16th Mass Infantry

Clark, Frank- Company A, 4th Mass Cavalry

Clark, John- Company A, 22nd Mass Infantry, Company L, 32nd Mass Infantry

Clark, Patrick- Company C, 50th Mass Infantry

Clay, George H.- Company B, 2nd New Hampshire Infantry, Company C, Veteran Reserve US Infantry, USS Ohio, USS North Carolina, USS Lancaster

Clough, William- Company B, 1st Mass Heavy Artillery

Cluff, Franklin W.- Company K, 15th New Hampshire Infantry

Coakley, John- USS Ohio, East Guld Squadron, USS Midnight, USS Tacony, and USS Peoria (Served as a substitute for James Ingalls)

Cochrane, Frederick- Company C, 50th Mass Infantry, Company E, 59th Mass Infantry, Company E, 57th Mass Infantry

Coffin, Frederick W.- Company A, 4th Mass Heavy Artillery

Cogswell, Adams H. Company B, 1st Mass Heavy Artillery

Cogswell, Thomas C.- Company M, 2nd Maine Cavalry

Colbert, William Unassigned, 26th Mass Infantry

Colburn, Charles- Company F, 1st Mass Heavy Artillery

Colby, Daniel H.- Unassigned, 2nd Mass Cavalry

Colby, Henry- Company B, 1st Mass Heavy Artillery

Collins, Enos- Company D, 5th Mass Infantry (100 days), Company C, 6th Mass Infantry (100 days)

Collins, John L.- 7th Mass Independent Battery

Collins, Timothy-Company B, 11th Mass Infantry

Compton, Silas- Company B, 13th Veteran Reserve Corp

Conant, James H.-Company I, 2 Mass Infantry

Conant, James S-USS Ohio, USS Ft Donelson

Conner, Joseph- US Navy

Connors, Patrick O.- Unasigned, 2nd Mass Heavy Artillery, Company H, 17th Mass Infantry

Connors, Thomas- Company A, 58th Mass Infantry

Conrey, Joseph S.- Company C, 16th Hew Hampshire Infantry

Cooley, John J.- Company K, 28th Mass Infantry, Unassigned, Veteran Reserve Corps.

Coolidge, Samuel P.- Company B,1st Mass Heavy Artillery

Cooper, Thomas H.- Company F, 6th Mass Militia (3 months), Company G, 30th Mass Infantry

Couilliard, Charles Henry- Company G, 35th Mass Infantry

Cox, Thomas H.- Company B, 1st Mass Heavy Artillery

Crocker, Samuel- Company H, 23 Maine Infantry

Cronin, Daniel- Company C, 1st Mass Heavy Artillery, 112th Veteran Reserve Corps, 2nd Battalion

Cross, Jerome E.- Company I, 26th Mass Infantry

Cross, William H.- Company B, 26th Mass Infantry

Crossley, Benjamin- Company K, 26th Mass Infantry, Company M, 2nd Mass Heavy Artillery

Cullen, James B.- Company B, ist Mass Heavy Artillery

Cullen, James F.- Company B, 1st Mass Heavy Artillery

Cummings, Charles H.- Company F, 6th Mass Militia (3 months)

Cummings, Henry- 6th Maine Infantry

Currier, Joseph Benson-

Cuseck, Patrick Company B, 1st Mass Heavy Artillery

Cusick, William C. Company B, 1st Mass Heavy Artillery

Daley, William- Unassigned, 18th Mass Infantry

Dame, Albert S. Company F, 6th Mass Militia (3 months), Company B, 1st Mass Heavy Artillery

Dame, Sylvanus W.- Company K, 1st MAss Heavy Artillery, Company I, 13th Veteran Reserve Corps

Davis, Daniel Allen- Company B, 7th New Hampshire Infantry

Davis, George- Unassigned, 2nd Mass Infantry

Davis, John F.- Company G, 13th Mass Infantry

Day, Joshua-  Company B, 1st Mass Heavy Artillery

Dean, Francis B. “Frank”- Company M, 1st Maine Heavy Artillery

Decatur, Andrew J.- Company C, 50th Mass Infantry

Demerritt, Frank- Company M, 1st New Hampshire Heavy Artillery

Denny, Timothy- US Navy

Derby, Albert J. (Elmore)-

Dowding, Edmund- Company B, 1st Mass Heavy Artillery

Downey, Daniel-Company H, 28th Mass Infantry

Doyen, Franklin E.- Company K, 6th Mass Infantry

Drew, Clarence- Musician, 4th Mass Infantry, Company B, 26th Mass Infantry

Drew, George H.- Company F, 9th New Hampshire Infantry, Company A, 9th New Hampshire Infantry

Drew, Orville- Company B, 1st Mass Heavy Artillery

Dreyer, Michael- Company M, 2nd Mass Heavy Artillery

Dudley, James Madison- Company K, 14th Maine Infantry, Veteran Reserve Corps

Dustin, Levi- Company B, 1st Mass Heavy Artillery

Dwinells, Andrew J.- Company A, 26th Mass Infantry

Dyer, Lewis R.- Company D, 12 Mass Infantry, Company A, 39th Mass Infantry, Company K, 32nd Mass Infantry




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