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French and Indian War Roster

Roster of Methuen men serving in the militia during the French and Indian War.

The following list was drawn from material available at the Massachusetts Archives in Boston and organized by John M. Austin, May 1996 and contains the names of 114 men from Methuen, Massachusetts who served in colonial militia units during the French and Indian War (1755-1763). Lists on the following pages are of the same men but in their respective units and with some information about dates and duration of service. The names printed in bold italics indicate the thirteen men who died on active duty, whether from sickness, wounds or accident. This information was taken from the Massachusetts Archives in Boston, Volumes 93-99.

David Austin

Thomas Crow

Timothy Holden

Asa Peasley

Nathan Austin

William Crow

James Howe

Ichabod Perkins

Jonathan Austin

Amos Currier

Richard Huse

Joseph Pettingill

Reuben Austin

David Currier

Samuel Huse

Nathaniel Pettingill

Simon Ayer

Jonathan Currier

David Lancaster

Caleb Richardson

Ebenezer Barker

Samuel Currier

Samuel Lancaster

Francis Richardson

Phineas Barker

Daniel Davis

Samuel Lindsey

William Russ

Enoch Barker

George Davis

Edward Long

William Russ, Jr.

Jonathan Barker

John Davis

James Long

Jonathan Sargent

Moses Barker

Moses Davis

Timothy Lovejoy

Moses Sargent

Stephen Barker

John Eaton

James Mallon

John Shackford

Joseph Bartlett

John Emerson

John Mansur

James Silver

Samuel Battrick

Josiah Emerson

Samuel Mansur

Joshua Stevens

Benjamin Bodwell

William Emerson

Daniel McClary

Samuel Stevens

Eliphalet Bodwell

John Ford

John McClary

Simeon Stevens

Henry Bodwell

Daniel Gage

Timothy Merrick

Samuel Stocker

James Bodwell

Joseph Granger

Enoch Merrill

Asa Swan

Joshua Bodwell

Daniel Greenough

Abiel Messer

Joseph Swan

Joseph Boyd

Jonathan Griffin

Asa Messer

Robert Twadell

Ebenezer Carlton, Jr.

Josiah Gutterson

John Messer

Andrew Webber

Kimball Carlton

Benjamin Hall

Samuel Messer

William Webber

Ephraim Clark

Peter Hastings

Amos Morse

James Webster

Joseph Clark

Ebenezer Herrick

Benjamin Morse

Joseph Webster

John Corliss

Edward Herrick

Joseph Morse, Jr.

James Wiley

Abiel Cross

Joseph Herrick

David Nevins

Daniel Williams

Asa Cross

Nathaniel Herrick

Jonathan Nevins

David Wilson

Moses Cross

Ebenezer Hibbard

John Parker

Thomas Wyman

Samuel Cross

John Hibbard

Jonathan Parker

John Crow

Joseph Hibbard

Joseph Parker

The Companies, in order of year of service, with which the Methuen men served are listed below.

Vol 93 p.191 Capt. Abiel Frye’s Co. April -September 1755

Abiel Messer Sergeant 11 April-20 Sept
Jonathan Barker Private 2 May-20 Sept
Timothy Lovejoy Private 2 June-20 Sept
Joseph Morse Private 6 May -20 Sept
John Messer Private 4 May -11(?)Sept died of sickness Richard Whicker, his master
Joseph Boyd Private 20 April-8 Sept killed
Thomas Crow Private 2 May-20 Stepson of John Crow

Vol 94 p.14 Capt. Jonathan Poor’s Co. September-December 1755

Samuel Currier Sergeant 15 Sept-16 Dec
Asa Swan Corporal 15 Sept-15 Dec
Jonathan Austin Private 15 Sept-15 Dec
Nathan Austin Private 15 Sept.-15 Dec
George Davis Private 15 Sept-15 Dec
Josiah Gutterson Private 15 Sept-15 Dec
Joseph Webster Private 15 Sept-15 Dec

Vol 94 p.72 Capt. Peter Parker’s Co September-December 1755 (same company as above Vol.93 p.191)

Abiel Messer Ensign 20 Sept-28 Nov
Jonathan Barker Drummer 20 Sept-17 Dec
Timothy Lovejoy Corporal 20 Sept -10 Oct
Joseph Morse Private 20 Sept- 10 Oct
Thomas Crow Private 20 Sept -20 Oct

Vol 94 p.343-344 Capt. James Parker’s Co. 26 July 1756

Edward Herrick age 32 born in Wenham laborer
James Silver age 29 born in Haverhill cordwainer
Enoch Merrill age 24 born in Methuen husbandman from Bodwell’s Co.
Ichabod Perkins age 23 born in Topsfield husbandman from Bodwell’s Co.
Jos. Hibbard age 29 born in Andover tailor from Bodwell’s Co.

Asa Peasley age 19 born in Methuen husbandman from Bodwell’s Co.Abiel Messer Ensign 20 Sept-28 Nov
Jonathan Barker Drummer 20 Sept-17 Dec
Timothy Lovejoy Corporal 20 Sept -10 Oct
Joseph Morse Private 20 Sept- 10 Oct
Thomas Crow Private 20 Sept -20 Oct

Vol 94 p.395 Capt. William Peabody’s Co. 13 August 1756

Timothy Holden Private 28 born in Stoneham hospitalized

Vol 95 p.59 and p. 61 Lt. Col. James Frye’s Co. 1756 service

James Silver Clerk 22 April-3 Dec
Edward Herrick Corporal 19 April-20 Sept died
Joseph Hibbard Private 22 April-3 Dec
Asa Peasley Private 22 April-4 Nov
Enoch Merrill Private 22 April – 3 Dec
Ichabod Perkins Private 22 April -23 Nov
William Webber Jr. Private 21 July- 3 Dec son of William Webber 

Vol 95 p.100-101 Capt. William Peabody’s Co. 1756 service

Jonathan Griffin 22 April-2 Nov
Timothy Holden (no town given) 22 March-12 Oct

Vol 95 p.109 Capt. John Taplin’s Co. 1756 service

John Crow Private 20 April -1 Sept.

Vol 96 p.10 Capt. Nathan Chandler’s Co. August, 1757 service to relieve Fort Willliam Henry

Ebenezer Barker

Moses Davis

Abiel Howe

Amos Morse

Jonathan Barker

Moses Day

David Lancaster

Benjamin Morse

James Bodwell

John Eaton

James Mallon

Nathaniel Pettingill

John Bodwell, clerk

John Emerson

John Mansur

Asa Swan

Ebenezer Carlton

Simon Fry

Enoch Merrill

Timothy Swan

Joseph Clark

Joseph Grifffin

Asa Messer

Joshua Stevens

Jonathan Currier

Josiah Gutterson

Daniel Messer

Joshua Stevens

George Davis

Ebenezer Herrick

Samuel Messer

Daniel Wilson

Vol 96 p.453-454 Capt. Asa Forster’s Co. 1758 Service

Daniel Davis Ensign (no entry date)-20 July dead
James Mallon Sergeant 2 May-12 Nov
Samuel Lancaster Corporal 2 May- 12 Nov
David Austin Private 1 May-12 Nov son of Zebediah Austin
George Davis Private 2 May- 12 Nov
Samuel Huse Jr. Private 1 May-12 Nov
Ebenezer Hibbard Jr. Private 1 May 12 Nov
David Nevins Private 2 May -12 Nov
John Parker Private 2 May- left sick, never joined
John Shackford Private 2 May-12 Nov
Samuel Stocker Private 3 April-19 Sept.
Simeon Stevens Private 2 May- 12 Nov
Robert Twadell Private 2 May- 12 Nov

Vol.97 p.117 Col. John Osgood 1759 List Service at Lake George

Joseph Clark 28 March age 39 1758 service at Lake George
James Long 6 April age 48 1758 service at Lake George
Daniel McClary 6 April age 18 son of Daniel McClary
Joseph Hibbard age 32 1756 service at Lake George
Benjamin Morse age 25 1756 service at Lake George

Vol 97 p.335, 337-338 Capt. Edmund Mooer’s Co. 1758 service

Ebenezer Barker Private 1 April-19 Nov
Joseph Clark Corporal 30 March-19 Nov
David Currier Private 1 April-23 Sept son of Samuel Currier
Amos Currier Private 29 March-21 Oct son of Jonathan Currier died
Ebenezer Carlton, Jr Private 29 March-19 Nov son of Ebenezer Carlton
Moses Cross Private 2 May-23 Sept
William Emerson Private 2 May-29 Oct
Abiel Messer Ensign 13 Mar-19 Nov
Andrew Webber Private 2 April-11 Oct died

Vol 98 p.254-255 Capt. William Barron’s Co. 1760 service

Jonathan Austin Private 11 April-12 Dec son of Zebediah Austin
Reuben Austin Private 11 April-12 Dec
Eliphalet Bodwell Private 11 April-12 Dec
Joshua Bodwell Private 11 April-12 Dec
Enoch Barker Private 11 March-13 Sept son of Ebenezer Barker died at Isle de Noux,
Moses Barker Private 17 May-8 Dec Que.
William Crow Private 11 April-8 Dec
David Currier Private 17 April-8 Dec
Jonathan Currier Private 17 April-26 Nov
John Davis Private 11 March-8 Dec son of George Davis
John Ford Private 11 April-8 Dec
Daniel Gage Private 15 April-6 Dec son of Amos Gage
Jonathan Griffin Private 11 Mar-8 Dec
Ebenezer Hibbard Private 11 Mar-8 Dec
Joseph Webster Private 19 Mar-8 Dec
Daniel Williams Corporal 11 Mar-8 Dec

Vol 98 p.256-257 Capt. Joseph Smith’s Co 1760 service

Samuel Cross Jr. Private 14 Mar -30 Oct son of Marthua Cross
Joshua Stevens Private 10 Mar – 3 Dec. 

Vol 98 p.275-277 Capt. Israel Herrick’s Co. 1760 Service

Simon Ayer Private 18 Mar-18 Nov son of Simon Ayer
Abiel Cross Private 14 Mar- 5 Dec son of John Cross
Kimball Carlton Private 18 Mar- 5 Dec son of Ebenezer Carlton
Josiah Emerson Private 14 Mar- 5 Dec son of Josiah Emerson
Daniel Greenough Private 22 Mar- 5 Dec
Ebenezer Herrick Sergeant 14 Mar-5 Dec
Samuel Stevens Private 10 Mar-23 Oct    died
Joseph Swan Private 14 Mar-29 Sept died at Crown Point, NY
William Webber Private 14 Mar-5 Dec

Vol 98 p.302-303 Capt. William Jones Co. 1760 Service

Asa Cross Private 29 April- 5 Dec

Vol 98 p.368 Capt. Edmund Mooer’s Co 1760-61 Service

Samuel Huse Private 2 Nov- 12 Jan
Edward Long Private 2 Nov- 5 Dec son of Samuel Long
Daniel McClary Private 2 Nov- 5 Dec

Vol 98 p.377 Capt. Benjamin Edward’s Co. 1760 service

Samuel Currier Corporal 19 June- Dec 8

Vol 98 p.402-403 Capt Peter Parker’s Co. 1760-61 Service

Richard Huse Private 2 June-30 Mar son of Ralph Huse
Jonathan Barker Private 2 June-30 Jan died
John Corliss Private 2 June-30 Mar

Vol 98 p.409 List of men of Massachusetts who enlisted in 1760

Samuel Battrick(?) enlisted Feb.7, 1760 may be “Bathrick”
Thomas Wyman enlisted Feb. 7, 1760

Vol 99 p.60 Militia Officers of Methuen 1762  (note: these men may not have been in active-duty units)

First Co. William Russ Captain 

Second Co. Stephen Barker Captain
Benjamin Hall Lieutenant 

Jonathan Sargeant Lieutenant
James How Ensign 

Henry Bodwell Ensign

Vol 99 p.150 Capt. Henry Young Brown 1762

John Nevins Private 22 May- 13 Dec

Vol 99 p.119,127 Capt. Edmund Mooer’s Co. 1761

Benjamin Bodwell Sergeant 24 June- 6 Dec
James Webster Corporal 1 July -6 Dec
Peter Hastings Corporal 29 June- 6 Dec son of George Hastings
Eliphalet Bodwell Private 21 July- 6 Dec
Joseph Hibbard Private 24 July- 6 Dec
John McClary Private 25 June- 6 Dec son of Daniel McClary
William Russ Jr. Private 5 June – 6 Dec son of Willaim Russ
James Wiley Private 4 June- 17 Nov

John Hibbard Private 24 July- 6 Dec son of John Hibbardec

Vol 99 p.154 Capt. Moses Parker’s Co 1761-62 Service

Caleb Richardson 26 Mar- 10 Sept dead
Samuel Mansy(?) 26 Mar- 18 Nov
Samuel Lindsey 26 Mar-18 Nov “a minor”
Joseph Parker 26 Mar- 17 Nov son of Timothy Parker

Vol 99 p.207 Capt. Henry Young Brown 1761 Service

Moses Sargent Ensign 4 Mar- 24 Nov
Jonathan Austin 26 Mar- 28 June deserted

Vol 99 p.233 Capt. John Gordon 1761 Service

James Wiley 11 Mar-30 June transferred to Capt. John Nixon’s Co

Vol 99 p.232 Capt. John Nixon 1761 Service

James Wiley 1 July- 11 Nov

Vol 99 p.252,187 Capt. Edward Blake’s Co 1762-63 Service

Ephraim Clark 2 Nov- 18 May

From the Massachusetts Historical Society Collection:
Capt. Richard Saltonstall’s Co Aug 1757 
men who were in the capitulation of Ft.William Henry 9 Aug 1757

Eliphalet Bodwell 7 Mar -23 Oct son of James Bodwell
Phinehas Barker 7 Mar – 23 Oct
Francis Richardson 19 Mar – 23 Oct
Joseph Bartlett 1 Mar – 9 Aug captured and missing
Timothy Merrick 22 Mar – 9 Aug captured and missing

The following lists the names of men who were born in Methuen but were residing elsewhere while serving in the militia. 

Samuel Lancaster – Also served in another unit later in the war and claimed to be living in Methuen.

William Barker Corporal Capt. Hartwell’s Co. born 10 April 1734 res. Concord
John Emery Private Capt. William Peabody’s Co. born 9 July 1736 res. Dracut
Samuel Lancaster Private Capt. James Parker’s Co. born 23 Oct 1738 res. Chester
Elijah Reed Private Capt. Moses Taplin’s Co. no record res. Marlborough
Benjamin Saunders Private Capt. Stephen Miller’s Co. bapt. 2 Dec.1739 res. New Salem
Timothy Swan Private Capt. James Parker’s Co. no record res. Chester

The following lists men who were residing in New Salem (now Salem), NH during the war but whose births, and/or marriages are recorded in the Methuen Town Records. Several listed themselves as Methuen residents when serving in other units.

Abiel Austin Corporal Col. Plaisted’s Regt. New Salem
Benjamin Bodwell Private Col. Osgood’s Regt. New Salem b. 1741
Jonathan Corliss Private Capt. Israel Herrick’s Co. New Salem no record
Samuel Griffin Private Col. Osgood’s Regt. New Salem b. 7 May 1732
Nathaniel Hibbard Private Col. Osgood’s Regt. New Salem b. 26 Aug 1741
Samuel Huse Private Col. Osgood’s Regt. New Salem b. Mar 7 1741
Edward Long Private Col. Osgood’s Regt. New Salem b. abt 1741
Obediah Morse Private Col. Osgood’s Regt. New Salem b. 15 Aug 1738
Timothy Swan Private Col. Osgood’s Regt. New Salem b. abt 1714

These are the Methuen French and Indian War soldiers in alphabetical order with whatever biographical information could be found:

David Austin 4 Feb 1740- ? son of Zebediah Austin m Lydia Austin in 1760
Nathan Austin. 25 Jan 1725- Jan 1756 m. Hannah Farnum in 1748. Died returning from L. George
Jonathan Austin 10 June 1742 – ? son of Zebediah Austin deserted 28 June 1761
Reuben Austin 3 Feb. 1735 – ? son of Zebediah Austin m Mary Howe in 1762
Simon Ayer son of Simon Ayer
Ebenezer Barker 5 Nov 1731 – 18 Aug 1805. m. Hannah Bodwell in 1759. son of Ebenezer Barker
Enoch Barker 10 May 1741- 13 Sept.1760. died at Isle de Noux, Que. son of Ebenezer Barker
Jonathan Barker 22 April 1723 – 30 Jan 1761. m. Abigail Mitchell in 1750. son of Zebediah Barker
Moses Barker 10 April 1737 – ? m Lydia Gutterson in 1758. son of Ebenezer Barker
Phinehas Barker 2 Aug 1737 – ? son of James Barker
Stephen Barker
Joseph Bartlett captured at the surrender of Ft. William Henry in Aug 1757 and taken to Canada
Samuel Battrick
Benjamin Bodwell 22 Aug 1741 – ?
Eliphalet Bodwell son of James Bodwell m. Hannah Barker in 1758
Henry Bodwell 26 July 1729 – ? son of Henry Bodwell
James Bodwell
Joshua Bodwell 4 Oct 1736- ? m. Priscilla Parker in 1761. son of Henry Bodwell
Joseph Boyd 17 – 8 Sept. 1755. died at the first battle of Lake George
Ebenezer Carlton Jr. 14 Oct 1739 – 30 Mar 1818 son of Ebenezer Carlton
Kimball Carlton 26 Sept 1741- ? m Mary Mitchell in 1768. son of Ebenezer Carlton
Ephraim Clark 25 Aug 1744 – ? son of Joseph Clark
Joseph Clark 1720(?) -17 May 1759. m Ruth Clark in 1743, then Judith Sanders in 1748
John Corliss
Abiel Cross 22 Nov 1740 – ? son of John Cross. m Patience Wyman 1769
Asa Cross 4 Mar 1737- ? m Abigail Silver in 1761. son of John Cross Jr.
Moses Cross 1715(?)-23 Sept 1758. m Mary Emerson in 1745. died on way home from service
Samuel Cross Jr. 22 June 1742 – ? m Elizabeth Davis in 1763, then Mehetible Ladd in 1765.
John Crow
Thomas Crow 11 Jan 1735 – ? son of John and Mary Crow
William Crow 30 June 1739 – ? son of John and Mary Crow
Amos Currier 9 May 1740- 21 Oct 1758 son of Jonathan and Esther Currier
David Currier born between 1737 and 1740. son of Samuel Currier
Jonathan Currier 12 April 1743 – ? m Sarah Searles in 1762, then Lydia Knowlton in 1766
Samuel Currier m Margaret Gutterson in 1762
Daniel Davis bapt. 6 Dec 1730-20 July 1758. died in battle at Lake George. son of James Davis
George Davis m Mary Lindsey in 1738
John Davis 22 Dec 1741- son of George Davis m Hannah Cross 1762
Moses Davis abt.1722- 11 April 1795.
John Eaton 18 June 1733 – ? m Abigail __________. son of Thomas Eaton
John Emerson 6 Dec 1737 – ? son of Joshua Emerson
Josiah Emerson 9 Mar 1740- ? son of Josiah Emerson. m Phebe Patee in 1764
William Emerson m Elizabeth Merrick in 1769 or Abigail Patee in 1746
John Ford m Sarah Barker in 1767
Daniel Gage son of Amos Gage
Joseph Granger
Daniel Greenough(?)
Jonathan Griffin m Mary Clark in 1763
Josiah Gutterson 7 Oct. 1731- ? m Lucy Swan in 1763. son of William Gutterson
Benjamin Hall m Hannah Ingalls in 1765
Peter Hastings m Sarah Emerson in 1765
Ebenezer Herrick
Edward Herrick 6 June 1724 – 20 Sept.1756 m Mary _________ . born in Wenham
Joseph Herrick 19 June 1739 – ? born in Wenham
Nathaniel Herrick 24 Oct 1736 – ? born in Wenham. m Susanna Messer in 1760
Ebenezer Hibbard 7 Jan 1738 – ? m Sarah Richardson in 1763. son of Ebenezer Hibbard
John Hibbard Jr. 8 Oct 1743 – ? son of John Hibbard
Joseph Hibbard 5 July 1726 – ? born in Andover m Hephsibah Sawyer in 1750
Timothy Holden 24 June 1732 – ? born in Stoneham
James Howe m Elizabeth Swan in 1760
Richard Huse son of Ralph Huse
Samuel Huse 1741- m Elizabeth Austin in 1763
David Lancaster abt 1729- 6 Jan 1761. m Ruth Hibbard in 1759.
Samuel Lancaster 23 Oct 1738 – ? son of Micah Lancaster
Samuel Lindsey 8 Mar 1744 – ? son of John Lindsey
Edward Long son of James Long
James Long b. abt 1711 in Charleston m Jane Mullican in 1754
Timothy Lovejoy abt 1732- 18 Aug 1762.
James Mallon 25 Mar 1728- 30 June 1800. m Hannah Parker in 1761. son of James Mallon
John Mansur m Ruth ________
Samuel Mansur bapt. 4 July 1742 m Sarah Varnum in 1765. son of John Mansur
Daniel McClary 2 Dec. 1740 – ? son of Daniel McClary
John McClary
Timothy Merrrick 19 Nov 1739- captured after the surrender of Ft. Wm. Henry and taken to Canada
Enoch Merrill 21 April 1731 – 28 Aug. 1778. m Jemimah Sprague in 1759. son of Abel Merrilll
Abiel Messer m Susannah Swan in 1754
Asa Messer 27 April 1739 – 2 July 1806. m Abiathah Whittier 1765. son of Nathaniel Messer
John Messer 1 Mar 1737 – 11(?) Sept. 1755. died of sickness. son of John Messer
Samuel Messer 30 June 1736 – ? m Sarah Howe in 1758 son of Richard Messer
Amos Morse m Hephzibah East in 1761
Benjamin Morse 25 July 1733- 1759. m Lydea _________. died on his way home from the service
Joseph Morse Jr. 20 May 1729 – ? m Lydia Huse in 1753
David Nevins bapt. 9 Dec 1739 son of Thomas Nevins
Jonathan Nevins
John Parker
Jonathan Parker 4 July 1734 – ? son of Jonathan Parker
Joseph Parker son of Timothy Parker
Asa Peasley 16 Feb. 1738- ? son of Joshua Peasley
Ichabod Perkins 9 Nov 1732 – ? born in Topsfield. m Sarah Whittier in 1763
Joseph Pettingill 9 Jan 1741 – ? son of Joseph Pettingill
Nathaniel Pettingill 11 Oct 1744 – ? son of Nathaniel Pettingill
Caleb Richardson bapt. 27 Sept 1741-10 Sept 1761. son of Caleb Richardson
Francis Richardson m Mary Ford in 1758
William Russ
Willliam Russ Jr. m Rebecca Hall in 1764 son of William Russ
Jonathan Sargent
Moses Sargent 23 May 1738 – ? m Esther Runnell in 1767 . son of Rev.Christopher Sargent
John Shackford m Hannah Lancaster in 1751
James Silver 26 Nov 1723 – ? born in Haverhill m Mary Towle in 1750
Joshua Stevens 10 Sept. 1734 – ? son of Samuel Stevens
Samuel Stevens 27 Aug 1730- 23 Oct 1760. son of Samuel Stevens
Simeon Stevens
Samuel Stocker
Asa Swan 9 Dec 1723 – ? son of Asa Swan
Joseph Swan 17 May 1734- 29 Sept 1760. died at Crown Point, NY. son of Robert Swan
Robert Twadell
Andrew Webber ? – 11 Oct 1758
William Webber was living in Pelham NH in 1761 when he married Ruth Merrill
James Webster
Joseph Webster
James Wiley
Daniel Williams
David Wilson
Thomas Wyman m Hannah __________

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