Methuen History

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Civil War Rosters: H-JS-T

The following is a list of men with a connection to Methuen who served in the Civil War.

(Underlined names will bring you to a photo of the veteran) 

Sanborn, Frank- Company F, 6th Mass Militia, Company I; 26th Mass Infantry Company C, 59th Mass Infantry

Sanborn, John C.– Company H, 16th Vermont Infantry

Sands, Edward- Company I, 17th Mass Infantry

Sargent, Calvin Jones Company B, 1st Mass Heavy Artillery

Sargent, Charles H.– Company B, 1st Mass Heavy Artillery

Sargent, John C.- Company G, 33rd Mass Infantry

Saunders, John B.- 

Sawyer, Aaron L.- Company E, 67th New York Infantry; Company D, 21st New York Cavalry

Sawyer, Charles Murray Company B, 1st Mass Heavy Artillery

Sawyer, Edward A. Company A, 26th Mass Infantry

Sawyer, Samuel Frye- Company B, 1st Mass Heavy Artillery

Searles, Alonzo- Company B, 1st Mass Heavy Artillery

Searles, Andrew Baxter- Company C, 45th New York Infantry; Company K, 58th New York Infantry

Seay, John M.- US Navy-USS Ohio (was a confederate prisoner who joined US Navy, credited Methuen)

Seeley,William A.- US Navy- USS Ohio, USS Santiago de Cuba (was a confederate prisoner who joined US Navy, credited Methuen)

Seely, Joseph- Company C, 50th Mass Infantry

Shapleigh, Augustin W.– Company B, 1st Mass Heavy Artillery

Shattuck, James- Company A, 1st Mass Heavy Artillery; Company C, 9th Veteran Reserve Infantry

Shaw, John Grand- Company B, 4th Mass Infantry

Shea, John Company K, 61st Mass Infantry

Sheppard, Augustus- Company B, 4th Mass Infantry

Sherwood, William H.- Company B, 1st Mass Heavy Artillery

Shields, Robert B.– Company C, 50th Mass Infantry

Sheils, Robert H.– Company C, 61st Mass Infantry

Silloway, Luther- Company B, 1st Mass Heavy Artillery

Silver, Jesse C.- Company F, 6th Mass Militia

Simonds, Benjamin W.- Company B, 1st Mass Heavy Artillery

Sison, Jasper N.- US Navy, USS Ohio

Skene, James- Company B, 1st Mass Heavy Artillery

Skerry, Michael– Company E, 5th Mass Infantry; US Navy-USS Ohio, West Gulf Squadron, USS Rodolph, USS Rose and USS Portsmouth

Sleeper, Curtis C.- Company C, 2nd Vermont Infantry

Small, John F.- Company B, 1st Mass Heavy Artillery

Smith, Charles- Company I, 59th Mass Infantry

Smith, Frank H.- Company D, 33rd Mass Infantry

Smith, Frederick- Company B, 1st Mass Heavy Artillery

Smith, Fred P.- Company G, 2nd Mass Cavalry

Smith, George-  Company B, 1st Mass Heavy Artillery

Smith, Henry- Unassigned, 33rd Mass Infantry

Smith, James B.- Company A, 33rd Mass Infantry

Smith, John B.– 33rd Mass Infantry

Smith, Nathan A.- Company A, 1st Rhode Island Infantry

Smith, Robert J.- Company F, 6th Mass Militia

Smith, Thomas- Company C, 50th Mass Infantry, Company C; 59th Mass Infantry, Company C, 57th Mass Infantry

Smith, Warren F.– Company G, 2nd Mass Heavy Artilery; Company F, 17th Mass Infantry

Smithick, John H,- US Navy, USS Ohio and USS Circassian

Smithick, Maurice Company B, 2nd Mass Infantry

Snell, John S.– Company B, 1st Mass Heavy Artillery

Somes, Charles T.- US Navy, USS Dunbarton

Spicer, Christian- Company H, 1st New Hampshire Infantry

Spinkle, Obediah- US Navy, USS Ohio, East Gulf Squadron and USS Magnolia

Sprain, Michael – Unassigned, 2nd Mass Infantry

Stanley, Charles H.- Company I, 6th Mass Militia; Company C, 32nd Mass Infantry and Company F, 3rd Mass Heavy Artillery

Stanton, Edward- Company I, 26th Mass Infantry

Stearns, E. H.- 

Stearns, Edward P.-5th Battery, 1st Battalion Maine Light Artillery

Stevens, Wendall- Company H,2nd Mass Heavy Artillery

Stevens, Charles F.- Company A, 58th Mass Infantry

Stevens, George F.- Company B, 7th New Hampshire Infantry

Stevens, George F.- Company I, 1st Mass Heavy Artillery

Stevens, Hiram- US Navy

Stevens, Morrison- Company E, 111th New York Infantry

Stiles, John Porter- Company H, 26th Mass Infantry

Stone, Andrew S.- Company A, 33rd Mass Infantry; 19th Veteran Reserve Corps

Stone, John- Companies A, K and L, 33rd Mass Infantry

Sullivan, Edward Company F, 6th Mass Militia; Company I, 26th Mass Infantry

Sullivan, John- Company E, 30th Mass Infantry

Sullivan, Thomas- Company G, 16th Mass Infantry

Sullivan, Timothy- US Navy, USS Ohio, USS Fort Donelson

Sumner, Eben Frank- Company L, 1st Mass Heavy Artillery

Sumner, George H.- Company K, 11th Mass Infantry

Swan, Daniel- Company D, 1st Mass Heavy Artillery

Tabor, Abraham F.- USS Ohio, USS Saco, USS Samuel Rotan and USS Vermont

Tabor, William L.S. Company K, 15th New Hampshire Infantry; Company K, 1st Mass Heavy Artillery

Tapley, John S. Company E 19th Maine Infantry

Tarbox, John Kemble Company B, 4th Mass Infantry

Taylor, John- Company C, 50th Mass Infantry

Taylor, Joseph- Unassigned, 1st Mass Heavy Artillery

Thissell, George Newton- Company G, 7th Mass Light Infantry

Thomas, John- Company F, 26th Mass Infantry

Thompson, Charles W.- 

Thompson, Edward- Company F, 12th Mass Infantry, Company C, 39th Mass Infantry, Company D, 32nd Mass Infantry

Thurlow, Francis M.- Company H, 2nd Mass Heavy Artillery, Company F, 17th Mass Infantry

Thurlow, George H.- Company F, 6th Mass Militia

Thurlow, Isaac W. Company F, 1st Mass Heavy Artillery, Company H, 32nd Mass Infantry, Company E, 36th US Colored Infantry, Company C, 107th US Colored Infantry

Thurston, John J.- Company E, 2nd New Hampshire Infantry

Tilton, Sheridan- Company C, 5th Mass Infantry (100 day)

Titcomb, Charles P.- Company I, 13th New Hampshire Infantry

Titus, Charles E.- Company F, 26th Mass Infantry

Towle, Van Buren L.- Company B, 1st Mass Heavy Artillery

Tozier, Charles- Company A, 4th Mass Cavalry

Treat, James Oberlin- Company A, 33rd Mass Infantry

Trow, Charles E.- Company G, 42 Mass Infantry (7th Mass Unattached Infantry)

Troy, James A.- Company F, 6th Mass Militia, Company F, 26th Mass Infantry

Troy, James M.- Company B, 1st Mass Heavy Artillery

Trudeau, Charles E.- Company B, 1st MAss Heavy Artillery

Turkington, Henry- Company F, 6th Mass Militia

Turkington, Samuel Combany B, 1st Mass Heavy Artillery




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